Your Home Your Style Your Life

Kitchen Gallery

 To create a singularly remarkable kitchen, the cabinets should display not only impeccable quality, but also the imprint of your individual style. At Virginia Cabinetry you can personalize each piece by selecting from more styles and colors. We can handcraft your kitchen cabinets to the highest standards. There are many choices from various manufacturers available today, but if you want something truly custom in Cabinets and fine Wood Furnishings, you need to call us for more ideas. 

Bookcases​ Gallery

Built-in Bookcases are a wonderful addition to any home's living room, study, or even an office lobby. Not only do Built-in Bookcases provide the utility of storage, they are a great decorative addition as well. Turn a plain old wall into your personal library complete with extra storage space for kid's toys, movie collection or even more books. Our designs and constructs these Built-in Bookcases for homes and offices across central Virginia. Custom Built-in Bookcases accentuate you home or office.  

Bathroom Gallery

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Virginia Cabinetry collection of design Vanity's adds a note of elegance to any bathroom. You'll find an array of styles, from subtle to dramatic, to complete your design with impeccable taste. The Virginia Cabinetry creates a wealth of possibilities for traditional style baths of any shape and size. Each piece blends old-world charm with modern conveniences for a look that's both functional and warm in.  Each piece also can be modified to fit your project needs .

Exceptional Design With Your Taste in Mind

Closet Gallery

Virginia Cabinetry can provide unique designs that simply can't be found by a standard cabinet supplier. Imagine an elegantly efficient storage system that complements your decor, integrating functionality and style, all while adding value to your home. 

Built-in Libraries

 Custom Built-in Libraries explore the design opportunities that Virginia Cabinetry offer. Use us as custom frames in any room of your home to provide a place for everything. No matter where you need extra storage, Virginia Cabinetry has the answer.               

Wet Bar Gallery

Whether your Wet Bar Cabinet project is a simple straight edge cut, or a complex. Our custom craftsmanship found in every piece created, you are guaranteed a perfect line, and precision design. Enhancing the enjoyment of any room in which you live.      

​Butler Pantry Cabinet

Creating the right pantry cabinet for your needs will breathe new life into an kitchen and get you organized. Reach-in and walk-in pantries make the most of your kitchen layout by making your kitchen organized and food supplies handy with these smart pantry storage ideas. 

Wood Hood

Custom built range hoods with the widest range of wood hoods available, Virginia Cabinetry has a style for every kitchen. Our custom cabinets can feature odd dimensions to fit the feel of any room in your house. Our custom cabinets can also reflect various styles, from contemporary to old world.  

We can Do it All

Laundry Room Gallery

Virginia Cabinetry custom built Laundry room cabinets can feature odd dimensions to fit the feel of a room, house, or office. Our custom cabinets can also reflect various styles, from contemporary to old world. Virginia Cabinetry designs and hardware can very from product to product, customized to each costumer needs, whether as part of a remodel or new construction. Virginia Cabinetry can provide custom services needed to any room.

Mudroom Gallery

 Drop Everything Zone Life is filled with transitions, none more important than the finite space between the garage and the kitchen. Coats hung, Shoes removed, Worries left behind. An organized oasis in a chaotic world.Two kids and golden retriever if anyone needs a Mudroom, it's me. Discover the quality of Virginia Cabinetry affordable complete line of organizational cabinetry.    

Window Seat Gallery

Rather then mass produced cabinets, Virginia Cabinetry are custom creations that bring out the life and possibilities of every room. From Bookcases and Entertainment Systems to Home Offices and Window Seat, an artisan crafts each memorable detail with one thing in mind. When you partner with one of our design professionals, the possibilities will inspire and excite you. With our special touches, smaller room will suddenly feel larger.